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Composition of IQAC

NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY DELHI has a strong ethos of contributing to quality legal education, rigorous academic research and public service. The IQAC is an important institutional mechanism in the University to constantly strive to promote the best practices and measures for quality assurance and enhancement of legal education. It is constituted as per the mandate of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to plan and implement the futuristic vision of NLU Delhi. As Prof.(Dr.) G.S. Bajpai has taken charge of Vice Chancellor, NLU Delhi, keeping this in view, the university reconstituted the IQAC-2023 as under:


S.No. Name Designation Nature of officer as per IQAC Composition
1. Prof.(Dr.) G.S. Bajpai Professor & Vice Chancellor Chairperson
2. Prof. (Dr.) Ruhi Paul Professor & Registrar Director
3. Prof. (Dr.) Ritu Gupta Professor Member
4. Prof. (Dr.) Roopa Madhav Professor (Research) Member
5. Dr. Risham Garg Associate Professor Member
6. Dr. Neethu Rajam Associate Professor Member
7. Dr. Nidhi Gupta Associate Professor Member
8. Dr. Jasper Vikas Assistant Professor Member
9. Dr. Dakshina Chandra Assistant Professor Member
10. Dr. Abha Yadav Assistant Professor Member
11. Dr. Kheinkor Lamarr Assistant Professor Member
12. Dr. Dinesh Assistant Professor Member
13. Dr. Priya Rai Deputy Librarian Coordinator
14. Prof. (Dr.) Manjula Batra Former Dean & Professor, Faculty of Law,
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Nominee from Management
15. Prof. A.K. Saini Professor, GGSIP University, New Delhi, Nominee from Local Society Member
16. Prof. V.K. Unni Professor, IIM Calcutta, Nominee from Industrialists Member
17. Mr. Sidharth Garg Advocate, Nominee from Alumni Member
18. Mr. Gali Arudhra Rao Advocate, Nominee from Students Member
19. Ms. Devna Arora Partner, P&A, New Delhi Nominee from Employer Member
20. Mr. Nitin Saini (IRS) Nominee from Stakeholders Member
21. Sh. S.C. Lather Joint Registrar, NLU Delhi Administrative Officer Member
22. Dr. Akash Singh Assistant Librarian, NLU Delhi Administrative Officer Member* (IRC)

Special Committee Under IQAC

S. No. Name & Designation Nomination as per IQAC Mandate Nature of officer as per IQAC Composition
1. Prof.(Dr.) Anju Tyagi, Professor & Dean Faculty Member Member
2. Prof. (Dr.) Maheshwar Singh, Professor & Dean Faculty Member Member
3. Prof. (Dr.) Ruhi Paul, Professor & Dean Faculty Member Member
4. Prof. (Dr.) Anup Surendranath, Professor & Dean Faculty Member Member
5. Dr. Daniel Mathew, Associate Professor & Dean Faculty Member Member
Further,the following staff members will be assisting the IQAC Committee
  • Ms. Priyanshi, Academic Fellow, NLUD
  • Ms. Sonali Chugh, Academic Fellow, NLUD
  • Ms. Shraddha Dubey, Academic Fellow, NLUD
  • Ms. Sania Ashraf, Communication Officer, NLUD
  • Ms. Sangita Singh, Professional Assistant, NLUD
  • Ms. Reena, Section Officer, NLUD

The IQAC shall follow the guidelines issued by the NAAC and adopted by the NLU Delhi from time to time with regard to its functioning.

The term of the IQAC shall be two years from the date of the notification (26.04.2023).

*Institutional Repository Committee (IRC): IRC will treasure and archive in an orderly and organized manner, all the documents pertaining to various kinds of activities organized at NLU Delhi from time to time.
**Special Committee members will assist IQAC and will be invited as “Special Invitees” to the Committee Meetings

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