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Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy: Law, Practice, Regulations

The participants admitted to the Diploma in Insolvency course are being provided Complementary access to the Certificate course on Law and Practice of Insolvency and Bankruptcy, being organised at the NLUD campus on 23-24 July 2022.

The Centre for Transnational Commercial Law (CTCL) invites applications for its flagship Diploma in “Insolvency and Bankruptcy: Law, Practice, Regulations” (DIB).

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This course aims to provide an exposure and in-depth understanding of the law, practice, regulations of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, to Government officials, policy makers, working professionals, practitioners in legal, secretarial, accountancy, academics, researchers. The course focuses on juxtaposition of the practical aspects, legal principles and propositions within the realm of business, entrepreneurship with development of a cumulative and comprehensive understanding of insolvency laws. The course also aims to acquaint and equip the participants with the practical skills relevant to insolvency laws in the courts, tribunals in India along with the requisite negotiation and problem-solving skills.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

To facilitate the participants with an in-depth understanding and hands-on approach in relation to the legal and practical aspects of insolvency and bankruptcy.

Aims to discuss clear, coherent, efficient process for early identification of financial distress and resolution.

Seeks to impart skills required to practice insolvency law with effective draftings, pleadings and negotiations with parties by providing a comprehensive and holistic outlook.

Encouraging the participants to engage in critical scholarship on issues of law and policy.

To attain a sound understanding of best practices in the fields of legal and professional ethics.

Course Fee

Course Code Course Description and abbreviation Duration Fee (Rs.)
A Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy: Law, Practice, Regulations (DIB) 12 months 1,00,000
B Corporate Insolvency: Law, Practice, Regulations (CILPR) 6 months 50,000
C Cross-Border Insolvency: Law, Rules, Regulations (CBIRR) 3 months 30,000
D Bankruptcy Resolution of Individuals including Guarantors, Partnership Firms (BIGP) 3 months 30,000

Course Details

1.     Course Duration and Structure

The course shall be conducted over a period of twelve months. The online contact classes for each of the six modules will be conducted regularly on Sundays. Participants shall be expected to undertake the readings, assignments and assessments through the course in accordance with the academic timeline.

2.     Pedagogy

The method of teaching shall be of blended nature with online live lectures and content. The course shall employ flipped learning pedagogy involving the 5-quadrant approach with live lectures, discussion forum or asynchronous mentoring, recorded audio and video, e-learning material and self-study hours including assessment. Majority of lectures shall be delivered by leading industry practitioners (around 2/3rd).

The emphasis shall be on conceptual clarity of the participants through updated content, engaging in contemporary issues and case-studies, followed with appropriate evaluation pattern comprising of case-studies, continuous and summative assessments.

3.     Layout of the Course

The course is divided into three sub-courses or themes covered in 6 modules for a total of 32 credits. These sub-courses may also be undertaken individually by the participants:

Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy: Law, Practice, Regulations (Code A); 12 Months/ 32 credits, entitles successful participants to a Diploma (comprises of sub-courses B, C, D)

Introductory Video on the Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy course by Course Mentor Professor M. S. Sahoo: –

Introductory Video on the Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy course by Course Director Dr. Risham Garg: –

The First Sub-Course (Code-B, 6 months) – Corporate Insolvency: Law, Practice, Regulations (CILPR) – covers introduction to insolvency and bankruptcy regime followed with corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP), corporate liquidation process, with relevant regulations along with development of skill sets for insolvency practitioners.

The Second Sub-Course (Code-C, 3 months) – Cross-Border Insolvency Rules and Regulations (CBIRR) – covers cross-border insolvency focussing on chief concepts and key case laws.

Introductory Video on Cross-Border Insolvency by Course Mentor Professor M. S. Sahoo:

Introductory Video on Cross-Border Insolvency by Course Director Dr. Risham Garg: –

The Third Sub-Course (Code-D, 3 months) – Insolvency of Individuals including Guarantors and Partnership Firms (BIGP) – covers the law and regulations related to insolvency of individuals including guarantors and partnership firms with emphasis on chief concepts and key case laws in the field.

Introductory Video on Bankruptcy Module by Course Mentor Professor M. S. Sahoo:

Introductory Video by Course Director Dr. Risham Garg,

4.     Assessment/Evaluation

Participants shall be graded basis their participation in the sessions and their performance in assessments, including the final assessment, in accordance with UGC/NLUD norms.

5.     Diploma /Certificate

Diploma/ Certificate shall be awarded by the National Law University Delhi, upon candidate successfully complying with all the course requisites: attended 75% of the sessions, must have attained a minimum score of 50% for the assessments. Participants enrolling in the 12-month course (course code A) shall be awarded Diploma in Insolvency and Bankruptcy; or they may choose any of the Modules B, C, D that shall entitle them to award of certificate.

Course Outline

1.     Sub-course code B – Corporate Insolvency: Law, Practice, Regulations (CILPR)

  • Module I – Introduction to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Regime
  • Module II – Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process
  • Module III – Corporate Liquidation Process
  • Module IV – Skill Sets for Insolvency Practice

2.     Sub-course code C – Cross-Border Insolvency Rules and Regulations (CBIRR)

  • Module V – Chief concepts and key cases related to Cross-Border Insolvency (N.B. wrt applicable law or existing draft as on date of the course)

3.     Sub-course code D – Insolvency of Individuals Including Guarantors and Partnership Firms (BIGP)

  • Module VI – Chief concepts related to Insolvency of individuals including guarantors, non-corporate partnership firms. (N.B. wrt applicable law/existing draft as on date).

Course Mentor: Professor M. S. Sahoo

Former Chairperson, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, Distinguished Professor, National Law University Delhi

Course Director: Dr. Risham Garg

Associate Professor of Law, Director, Centre for Transnational Commercial Law, National Law University Delhi

Admission Process

Interested candidates may apply to the course through the following process:

Last date to apply extended upto: August 24, 2022 (11:59pm IST).

Duration of the Course: August 2022 to July 2023 (12 months)

Schedule of the Course

The Course starts on August 7, 2022 with respective courses starting se per following schedule:

1.     Course Code A, B – August 7, 2022

2.     Course Code C – January 7, 2023

3.     Course Code D – April 2, 2023

Target Participants

1.     Government officials in the areas of tax, revenue, law, business, economic policy

2.     In-house counsel of PSUs

3.     Working Professionals like CA, CS, CMA, MBA, Bankers, Insolvency Practitioners, Consultants, Lawyers, Stakeholders like Creditors and Corporate Debtors.

4.     Academics in law, finance, economics, business and management studies or any other related discipline

5.     Students pursuing post-graduate and doctoral courses in law or any related discipline

6.     Students pursuing graduate/under-graduate law course, must be studying in the 3rd year of a 3-year LLB degree course, or the 4th/5th year of a 5-year integrated BA.LLB/BBA.LLB/B.Com.LLB/ B.Sc.LLB).

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