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(Approved by Executive Council vide item No.14 of its meeting held on 11/08/2008 and further amended vide item No.3.2 dated 18/09/2012)

Endowments for Institution of Chairs

  • An Endowment Chair can be instituted by donating a sum of not less than Rupees Two Crore (Rs.2,00,00,000/-) or US Dollars equivalent in Indian rupees as corpus fund.
  • The Chair can be named after an institution or an individual in any specific branch of Law or a subject of inter-disciplinary area.
  • The Endowment amount shall be invested in Bank deposits or such other safe deposits like Unit Trust of India so that the maximum possible annual interest is accrued.
  • The expenditure on the salary and other service and research requirements of the appointee to the Chair shall be met out of the proceeds of the endowment amount.
    Provided that in case the expenditure over and above the income from the deposits is incurred in a particular year the same shall be met by the University.
    Provided further that the unspent balance, if any, in the interest accrued in any year shall be added to the corpus of the Endowment.
  • The University shall invite eminent academicians or jurists to occupy the Chair approved by the Committee constituted by the Executive Council.*

Endowments Lectures

  • The University proposes to organize endowment lectures. For this, the donor has to make a contribution of Rupees Twenty Lakhs (Rs.20,00,000/-). The series of lectures delivered would be published in the form of a booklet.

Endowment for Institution of Scholarships

  • Scholarships/Fellowships/Freeships for deserving and meritorious Under-graduate/Postgraduate students can be instituted by Institutions or individuals on donating a sum not less than Rupees Twenty Lakhs (Rs. 20,00,000/-).
  • For the accrual of maximum possible interest the endowment amount shall be invested in fixed deposits.
  • A donor who wishes to name the Scholarships after an institution or an individual can do so with the approval of the University by donating a sum not less than Rupees Twenty Lakhs (Rs.20,00,000/-). Ordinarily these Scholarships shall be awarded purely on considerations of academic merit and achievement. However any specific conditions of the donor for the award of the scholarship shall be fulfilled once approved by the University.
  • Once a Scholarship under this clause is awarded it will continue for the full period of the programme provided a report of satisfactory progress is made by the University.
  • The donors will be informed about the names of students who are awarded the Scholarships as soon as they are announced by the University.

Endowments for Institution of Gold Medals

  • A gold medal can be instituted by institutions or individuals upon donation of a sum of not less than Rupees Five Lakhs (Rs.5,00,000/-).
    The endowment amount shall be invested in a fixed deposit to earn the maximum possible interest.
    The interest so derived shall be utilized for the award of the gold medal and the unspent balance shall be added to the corpus of the endowment.
  • The donor can institute the gold medal in the name of an individual or institution.
  • The medal to be awarded shall have (inscribed on it) the name of the medal and the name of the recipient.
  • The selection of candidates for the award of the medals shall be made by a Selection Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • The donor shall be informed the name of the student selected for the award of the medal by the University.

Student Welfare Fund

  • Institutions and individuals can make contribution of a sum of not less than Rupees Two Lakhs (Rs.2,00,000/-) to the Student Welfare Fund.
  • The amount in the fund shall be exclusively utilized for the welfare of the students and the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the students (including travel expenses) in accordance with the guidelines provided by the University, provided the student maintains a constant good academic performance.

Faculty Development Fund

  • Institutions and individuals can donate a sum of not less than Rupees Two Lakhs (Rs.2,00,000/-) towards the Faculty Development Fund.
  • The amount shall be vested in Fixed Deposits and the interest accrued on the corpus of the fund shall be utilized for the faculty welfare and the other schemes approved by the University.

*added by E.C. while confirming the Minutes vide item No.1 dated 27.02.2009

Endowment Funds

List of Endowment instituted for Award of Gold Medals and Cash Prizes to the Students of BA., LL.B. (Hons.)

S. No. Donor Award Instituted
1. Shri. K.K. Venugopal, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India Shri M.K. Nambyar Medal in Constitutional Law
2. Hon’ble Mr. Justice K. Ramamoorthy, Former Judge, Delhi Hight Court Freedom Fighter Shri T.G. Krishna moorthy & Mrs. K. Subbalakshmi Medal in Constitutional Law
3. Shri A.K. Ganguli, Senior Advocate, Calcutta High Court Shri Adwaita Pada Ganguli Medal in Constitutional Law
4. Shri Amitesh Banerjee, Senior Advocate, Calcutta High Court Justice Umesh Chandra Banerjee Medal in Intellectual Property Rights
5. Shri Pravin Anand, Managing Partner, Anand and Anand Anand and Anand Medal in Intellectual Property Rights
6. Hon’ble Mr. Justice S.B. Sinha, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India and TDSAT Chairman Shri A.N. Sinha Medal in Public Law
7. Shri S.R. Sharma, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court Smt. Sadhana Sharma Medal in Criminal Law
8. Shri Pawan Bhatia, New Delhi Shri Satbir Singh Bhatia Medal in International Trade Law
9. Shardul Pallavi Shroff, Managing Partner, Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & CO. Shardul & Pallavi Shroff Medal in Corporate Law
10. Shri P. P. Rao, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India Smt. Pavani Satyanarayanamma Medal for Overall Excellence
11. Suresh Shroff Memorial Trust Shri Suresh A. Shroff Medal for First Rank Holder
12. Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.C. Lahoti, Former Chief Justice of India Freedom Fighter Shri RatanLalLahoti Medal for student for the year
13. Bharti & Suresh Shroff, Memorial Trust Smt. Bharti S. Shroff medal for Second Rank Holder
14. Shri Inder Dutt, New Delhi Pandit Shri Girdhari Lal Salwan Medal for Best Outgoing Student from Disadvantaged Community
15. Shri Mohan Ahuja and Shri Vinay Ahuja, Mohan Law House, New Delhi Shri Mohan Law House Medal in Alternative Disputes Resolution
16. Dr. Santosh Chawla, New Delhi Justice T.P.S. Chawla Medal in Legal Aid & Community Outreach
17. Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court and Member of Parliament Dr. L.M. Singhvi Medal for All Round Performance
18. Shri Subhash Chandra Sharma Smt. Lajya Sharma Medal in Jurisprudence
19. Kajal & Sheetal Mishra Kajal & Sheetal Mishra Gold Medal for Taxation Laws
20. Mr. Arshad (Paku) Khan Dr. Qamar Ali Khan & Mrs. AnnammaVarkey Khan Gold Medal for Competition Law
21. Bodh Raj Sawhny Memorial Trust Prof. Ghanshyam Singh Cash Prize in Civil Procedure
22. Shri Manoj Swarup Shri Parmatma Swarup Cash Prize in Constitutional Law
23. Prof. K.N. Chandrasekasharan Pillai, Former Director Indian Law Institute and Former Director NJA, Delhi Prof. R.V. Kelkar Cash Prize in Constitutional Law
24. Canara Bank Endowment Fund Prize for Banking & Negotiable Instruments
25. Mr. Chetan Sabharwal and Mr. Nitin Sabharwal Justice Y.K.Sabharwal Medal for Best Student of the Year Award
26. Prof. Steve Ngo Prof. Steve Ngo Cash Prize in Alternative Dispute Resolution
27. Advocate Dr. Siddharth Luthra K.K. Luthura Gold Medal in Evidence Law
28. Ms. Madhu Sharan Amarendra Sharan Gold Medal in Criminal Law

Payment Method

Bank Account Details for Donations

To donate, please deposit donation into the following bank account of the University via RTGS/NEFT:
Account Holder:   National Law University Delhi
Account No:            13381450000011
Bank Name:            HDFC Bank Ltd.
IFSC Code:              HDFC0001338
MICR:                        110240148
Bank Address:  1st Floor, Pankaj Plaza, Plot No.7,  Pocket 4, Sector 11, Dwarka New Delhi,  New Delhi – 110075 

 Cheques/Demand drafts should be issued in the name of   “National Law University Delhi'” payable at New Delhi.

Communication Procedure

After making a donation, kindly send a communication to the Registrar, National Law University Delhi, clearly stating the purpose of the donation. Following details can be used for communication with the University:

National Law University Delhi
Sector-14, Dwarka
New Delhi, Delhi-110078
Contact No.:  011-28034255


All donations to the University are eligible for a 100% tax deduction under sub-clause (iiif) of sub-section (2)(a) of section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, with reference to Unique Registration Number AAALT0918QF20211 dated 06/04/2022.


Upon receiving donation, the University will issue the form 10BE under the Income Tax Act 1961 after the close of the Financial Year.