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Centre for Tax Laws

The Centre for Tax Laws was established in 2018 under National Law University Delhi to work in the area of tax laws. A robust taxation framework helps in mobilizing revenue for governments’ welfare commitments and serves as the backbone of a sound economy. As it is only through Constant analysis and conversation that the civil society stays informed and involved in any area of law we as academics have instituted this centre especially for tax laws to bring the academia, industry and government together under a single platform. In future we will interacting with all stakeholders by organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, colloquiums, capacity development programs and publications on the current themes and debates reverberating for tax laws.

We want to facilitate a high-level research environment where the student community appreciates the significance of tax laws and gets experiential learning from the established experts in this field. We also want to consistently provide policy interventions in the form of comments, and feedback to the government as reforming the taxation laws is high on its agenda. Significantly, as the world is trying to rewrite the old international tax order created in the brick and mortar economy for the digital economy we want to observe, analyze and contribute in this process to make sure that it stays relevant for the revenue generation needs of an emerging economy like India.

With this broader objective we are working towards creating a pool of academics, lawyers, researcher, professionals, students and individuals who work in creating, implementing, formulating and analyzing the current tax laws both at national as well as international level..

We are also branching out in the area of property and real estate laws as they have great impact on our economy and are undergoing transformation. In future we will branch out in other areas of economic laws and have a platform which is interdisciplinary.


  • To promote research in taxation laws
  • To undertake projects on various aspects of taxation laws
  • To organize programs, events, conferences, symposiums, debates, moot courts, seminars, lectures, workshops, rountable discussions etc to educate students and stakeholders on various aspects of taxation laws.
  • To publish an annual tax law journal on selected tax themes or promoting tax scholarship
  • To contribute working papers, research papers, comments, and feedbacks for contributing in tax policy formulation.
  • To create open access online resources for the study of tax laws.

Organizational Structure

Dr Jasper Vikas
Executive Director
Preeti Lakhera
Research Director
Prem Chand
Honorary Member


Student Associates

Abhishek Jain
Devesh Meena
Harjaap Singh

Contact Details

Centre for Tax Laws
Room No 206,
Academic Block
National Law University Delhi, Sector 14-Dwarka,
New Delhi-110078


Upcoming Activities

  • National Webinar on “Urban Development and Tax Policies: An Interplay” on March 12, 2021
  • Seminar on Emerging Issues in Taxation Laws
  • Discussion on Budget 2019
  • Two weeks Teachers training workshop on Tax Laws
  • Short Credit Course on Advanced Issues in Tax Laws.
  • Roundtable Discussion on Proposals to Amend the Direct Tax Laws

Upcoming Projects

  • Working Paper on Challenges of Taxing the Digital Economy
  • Working Paper on the Goods and Services Tax: The Road so far.
  • Research Paper on Taxation of Royalties


We will be working in creating the following material which will be made available through open access to promote the study and analysis of tax laws in the country.

  • Text Books Material on various aspects of tax laws
  • Directory of various relevant sources for tax laws.

Policy Initiatives

Providing policy responses to various initiatives by the government in the areas of tax laws. This will be done by writing our suggestion to any committees formulated to rework the existing tax law structures. Or by giving our comments on any new tax laws amendment or public consultation coming from the CBDT.