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Centre for Law, Justice and Development


The Centre for Law, Justice and Development envisions revisiting, analysing and engaging with the development discourse and its interface with the legal discourse with the aim to participate in, contribute to and endeavour to mould the discourse as well as operationalisation of varied notions within the same in ways geared towards securing just domestic and international order.


The Centre seeks to aim at fulfilling the following objectives:

  • To establish the significance of legal discourse in envisioning, approaching and operationalising development;
  • Promote research, education and action in the arena of development and the significance of discipline of law in the same;
  • Critically engage with the dominant discourses on law and on development (developmentalism) at the national and international level with specific emphasis on the rights of the marginalised across the world;
  • Generate knowledge and debates through exchange of ideas emerging from research
  • Study the relationship between approaches adopted towards development and changes introduced in law and specifically assess the potential that the two hold for securing social and economic justice for the marginalised;
  • To engage with and contribute to the UN initiatives especially in operationalisation of sustainable development goals, right to development etc.;
  • Collaborate with national and international governmental and non-governmental agencies/institutions to complement the work of the office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights as a “conscience keeper” in the process of development in the light of previously highlighted broader approach;
  • Establish and widen inter-university network by collaborating with departments (law, economics and development studies) and research centres working on the interface of law and development with a rights based approach and produce new knowledge, approaches, through research and also offer courses and training in the area of law and development

Scope of Activities

The scope of activities of the Centre are:

  • Undertake research at the level of theory and practice of development and varied associations of law with the development discourse.
  • Examining through empirical research domestic and international approaches towards development and their impact on the marginalized across the world.
  • Undertaking action research in the area of development needs and development initiatives with a view to secure justice – economic, social and political for all.
  • Critical engagement with development initiatives and trends in various fields primarily relating to social and economic aspects of human life.
  • Undertake joint collaborative research projects on the interface between law and development.


Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh
Prof. (Retd.) B.B.Pande
Prof. (Dr.) Koen De Feyter, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Prof. (Dr.) Wouter Vandenhole, University of Antwerp, Belgium


Name Designation Email id
Dr. Amita Punj Director
Dr. Daniel Mathew Associate Director  
Mr. Syed Iqbal Ahmed Member  
Dr. Diksha Munjal Member  


The Centre organised a week long ‘Teachers’ Training Programme in Jurisprudence’ in December 2017. The programme was designed to engage with certain identified areas of legal philosophy focussing on questions like the nature of law, it’s relationship with morality, moral justifications/concerns with respect to legal approach towards various issues, South Asian contribution to legal theory as well as critical perspectives to law. The programme also focussed on the substantive contents of Jurisprudence course and also the pedagogy, learning and research in the subject as well as outside it as informing research and teaching of other subject areas of law. The programme offered a balanced mix of deep theoretical expositions together with training the participants in how to make teaching of a course like jurisprudence more engaging and enriching not only for the students but teachers as well.