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Date: 7th March, 2024

National Law University with the YourDost team, under the aegis of IQAC, organized an on-campus A Happiness Bootcamp on 7th March 2024. The event was conducted by Ms. Yashica Jain from the YourDost team. A happiness booth was set up outside the University cafeteria offering the students an enriching opportunity to participate in two mental health activities:

The Happiness Meter: Measure your happiness on the go!

The boot camp had a unique activity designed to help one reevaluate their real-time happiness levels and begin their path towards joy.

A happiness meter device was used to test the stress levels of the participants using the biomarkers of physical stress and happiness. Upon achieving a score from 1 to 100 on the happiness index where a score of 1 denotes the happiest of mind and a score of 100, denotes an extremely stressed state of mind, the participants got valuable insights from the guest psychologist on how to boot their happiness levels and reduce their stress such as practicing mindfulness, breathing exercises, freewriting techniques and reflective exercises.

Know Your Personality

In the walk-in booth, the QR code for an image-based personality test was displayed, the students scanned the code and took the personality test in which they were shown a series of images followed by questions about each image. The participants completed the test by choosing the most apt option according to them. On completion, they were shown the results through which they learned about their personal strengths and other insights about their characteristics.

Around 230 students participated in the event which went on for 2 hours. The participants were also provided with an informative handout about reducing stress and simple ways to boost one’s happiness.