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Daljit S. Nirman

Visiting Professor

Daljit Nirman is poised to make a significant impact at the National Law University Delhi as a Visiting Professor, bringing over thirty years of extensive legal experience in fields such as police governance, immigration, and corporate law. His career, highlighted by substantial contributions in these areas, demonstrates a blend of depth, diversity, and practicality in addressing legal issues, positioning him as an influential figure for students and colleagues alike.

Renowned for his scholarly work, especially in disciplinary proceedings and legal adjudication, Daljit is celebrated for his ability to unravel legal complexities. His practical guides in India and Canada are testament to his commitment to making legal knowledge accessible, providing essential tools for understanding the nuances of law.

Holding an LL.M. from the University of Ottawa and diverse qualifications in Physics and Law from the University of Delhi, along with specialized post-graduate diplomas in various facets of law, Daljit’s academic background is as impressive as his professional journey. His interdisciplinary approach and experience as an adjunct lecturer enrich his teaching with a blend of theoretical and practical insights.

Daljit’s dedication also shines through in his community service, with initiatives like Cooking Up Community Services and support for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation, reflecting his belief in giving back. His leadership in organizations such as the Ottawa Police Services Board and the Ontario Association of Police Services Board, recognized by awards like the Community Builder Award and the Order of Ottawa, highlight his commitment to societal improvement.

As a respected member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Ontario Bar Association, Daljit upholds the highest professional standards. His journey from a promising career in India to a distinguished role in Canada’s legal and academic spheres showcases his resilience, expertise, and dedication.

At NLU Delhi, Daljit seeks to be more than an educator; he aims to mentor, guiding students with humility and insight through the legal landscape. His association with the university is set to enhance its academic offerings and instill a strong sense of justice, ethics, and community engagement among students.

In essence, Daljit Nirman embodies the ideal of a legal educator and community leader, whose collaboration with NLU Delhi is a key step in the university’s pursuit of academic distinction and social commitment.